Paris is the capital and most populated city of France. The city is proud of its many monuments from the iconic Eiffel Tower to the lofty Notre-Dame cathedral and the majestic Arc de Triomphe. Paris is also known as “The city of Lights” because of its elegance, charm, romantic atmosphere and culture which capture every visitor’s heart.
If you want to spend your holidays in Paris then everything will have to be perfect. And before selecting your activities or transfers you will have to choose the hotels in Paris to make your holidays unforgettable. For booking online hotels in Paris visit the Holidays Masters website. Holidays Masters have a wide range of hotels in Paris which provide the best amenities to make your holidays hassle-free and you can easily make booking before you reach the hotel.


The city of Paris is divided into 20 different neighborhoods called “arrondissements”. Starting from the center of the city (1st arrondissement) and going to the margins, the neighborhoods are numbered in a spiral shape. If you are searching for the best arrondissement to stay in Paris, or you want to see Eiffel Tower from your window when you wake up, then 7th arrondissement is the best choice because the 7th arrondissement of Paris is the home of famous Eiffel Tower. And you can easily find the hotel near Eiffel Tower because there are many luxury and 5 star hotels in Paris located at the walking distance from Eiffel Tower.
And if you want to stay at the center of the city then choose the 1st arrondissement (Le premier) .It is one of the smallest and older part of the city. There are also many hotels which are budget friendly and provide all amenities which you want. The main attractions you will find there is Tuileries Gardens and Louvre Museum.
There are also many best hotels in Paris which are located in different arrondissements. We listed down the names of some hotels so you can choose easily find the hotel of your choice.
  1. Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel
  2. Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris
  3. Hotel Ritz Paris
  4. Hotel Plaza Athenee
  5. Grand Powers Hotel
  6. Hotel Monge
  7. Little Palace Hotel
  8. Pavillon de la Reine
  9. Hyatt Regency Paris Charles de Gaulle
  10. Hotel Minerve