Before visiting to New York, first check out what’s the best place to stay in New York and where you find the best hotels in New York. To give you the helping hand we will write down about the best areas to stay and hotels in New York.

New York (NYC) is the most populated city in United States also known as the “The city that never sleeps”. It is composed of five boroughs. Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and Staten Island where Staten Island and Manhattan are islands that are connected through bridges and tunnels. It is the most attractive destination for holidays. To give you the quick overview of New York best places we are listed down the names of the best places in New York so it’s easy for you to choose where to stay in NYC.

1.Midtown Manhattan, New York

New York midtown is known for sightseeing. The area between the 34th street and 59th street is known as Midtown Manhattan. New York most famous landmark and attractions are there such as Empire State Building, Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises and Top of the Rock. So if you want to access these sightseeing easily then book your hotel near them. Hudson Hotel New York and Martinique New York are the best hotels in New York near Midtown.

2.Times Square, New York

Time Square New York is known for Broadway and Billboards. The area from 42nd to 47th street is known as Times Square. It is the one of the major tourist destination and entertainment center in New York. The Central Park is only 2 miles away from the Times Square and one can easily reach there in just two hours by walk. There are many hotels in New York Times Square. CitizenM New York Times Square Hotel and Hotel Edison are the best Times Square hotels in New York.

3.SoHo, New York

SoHo New York is known for its Shopping centers, Restaurant and Bars. As its name states, SoHo is located in south of Houston Street. New York famous museums and shopping centers are there such as Children’s Museum of the Arts, Mercer Kitchen Apple Store SoHo and MoMA Design store. If you want the cheap hotels in NYC then book the SoHo hotels. Hotel NoMo SoHo and Soho Grand Hotel are the best hotels to stays in New York SoHo.

Hotels in New York

As we know New York is one of the expensive city in United States and the accommodation in New York might be shock to your wallet, hundreds of pounds required for just one night in 5 star hotels in New York but there are some budget friendly and cheap hotels in New York which offers the best services. So before making any decision once read the reviews about hotel and check the location of the hotel. We listed down some New York hotels so it’s easy for you to choose hotels.

  1. Hotel Parker New York
  2. Paramount hotel New York
  3. Wellington hotel New York
  4. Hilton Times Square
  5. The skyline hotel New York
  6. Four seasons Hotel New York